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As I sit here today, one year later, I realize how I was given 365 more days that 58 beautiful souls were not. Think about that. If you are reading this today, you are one of the lucky ones.

I think about the people I’ve met, the experiences I’ve had, the goals I’ve accomplished all in one year. There were 58 souls who couldn’t even see October 2, 2017.

When we hear stories from those who were there, who could have been there, who knew someone who was there, each story is a different perspective. We may have slightly different memories, but one thing we all share in common is that October 1, 2017 and the many to come will mean more to us than to some.

A tragic day that we will never forget, but through this dark and somber time, we have come together and have spread more love than I believe we would have.

Thousands upon thousands of innocent lives were all in one area, drinking beer, enjoying good country music. Route 91 was really the only music festival I loved. Country music with country people who love this country. A place I had gone to two years in a row, but life stopped me from being there 365 days ago.

Why am I here? What wasn’t I there? Why was it that location? Why was it that year? Why did this happen?

Last year the “why” questions circled around my mind so much that it felt like a tornado. I felt helpless being halfway across the globe.. 5,220 miles to be exact. In a location so far from home, but I’ve never felt so close to Las Vegas before in my entire life.

I felt guilty I wasn’t there in a sense where, why was it their life and not mine? I am so deeply saddened by the fact of hatred we have in this world. I also see the light, though, I see how many of us came together at a time that was so dark and scary.

I couldn’t even imagine what my friends have witnessed. This makes me love them more. This makes me think of them more. This should make everyone realize life is too short. Love your friends, love your family. Love as much and as hard as you can. That is what this world needs more of.. love.

I was not there in that moment one year ago today, but I always think back to what my friends have been through. I drive on the I-15, passing Mandalay Bay, and I touch my rosary all the time. I pray for those who are gone, and their families and loved ones who remain on this Earth without them. I pray for those who were injured and have battle wounds that will never be erased. I pray for those who witnessed this tragedy, and have memories that will live with them forever. I pray for those who risked their lives to save others, and who have become true heroes today.

I wish I could’ve known each and every single one of those angels. I wish I really could have known them all. They will never be forgotten. They are all in the Heavens watching over us, and we will forever look up to them.

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