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Intuitive People Share Their Stories

Below are stories of beautiful people who have gone through something meaningful in their lives. Their stories hold a deep message, and are unique experiences that they keep close. I'm thankful to have been able to read these stories, and with permission, share with all of you.


"I love that story so much that you posted. I have believed in this my entire life. The first time I had a life changing situation I was 10 years old. My mother used to drive me to my aunt's house to get on the bus with my cousins. On the 5 minute drive over I noticed a tree and for whatever reason I just knew my mom was going to hit that tree on her way home. Being so young and not understanding what that was i completely freaked out. (Naturally though, I was 10 lol) so when we got to my aunt's I was crying and begging my mother not to drive home. She thought I was just being silly so I went to get my aunt and told her to drive my mom home. They complied with my wishes so i would get on the bus. Well when I got home from school that evening my aunt and grandparents were waiting for me at my bus stop. My mother hit the exact tree that I thought she was going to. She was in a coma for 6 months and had to relearn how to walk, talk, eat and everything. She didn't remember anyone but me. After the 6 months she had all her memory again and thanked me and apologized for not listening. She told me in her coma that she spoke to god and he told her he saved her so she could have the chance to give us a better life.  I still don't understand how I knew that so certainly at such a young age. It's almost even scary to think about at times. But I firmly believe that god and or our intuitions have divine meaning and this story has been my testimony of it."

- Anonymous


"I grew up in London during a time when there was a lot of trouble with the IRA and bombings all over the country. My parents and I would go for lunch EVERY Saturday to a small Italian restaurant and then EVERY TIME AFTER lunch we would wander into Harrods department store so I could look at the pastries and chocolates. One particular Saturday (1983 I think - I was only 7) we had just finished lunch and were getting ready to walk around the corner to the store - may have been to see Santa as it was December and I said I don’t want to go, I just want to go home....literally as we would have been walking into the store, a bomb went off right there killing several people ....we would have been at the entrance where it went off but instead were in the car going home 🙏🏻"

- Anonymous


"Mine was about route 91, i was leaving unlv from my sorority meeting & pulled into the parking lot parked, i only wanted to see jason aldean so it was perfect. it was like 950pm at the time. i got a bad feeling & decided to leave. i texted all my friends/family who were there as i wasn't coming in & that i loved them. then once i got home is when i saw what happened. 

i have very accurate instincts, like i know when something’s wrong or something bad is going to happen but i never know what or who or where it’ll happen."

- Anonymous


"Okay! So I was in the hospital for 3 months when I was 16 because I have mitral valve prolapse (main valve doesn’t connect properly and my blood flow is slower and has regurgitation) anyways I’m fine now but I was in for so long cause they had no idea what was wrong. I just got really sick and lost all my color and was down to 91 pounds. Finally the doctor figured out my birth control caused my problem which started from having rheumatic fever as a child and it not being treated properly( it’s like strep so that was how I treated it) so it stayed in my system and causes this. Anyways. Ya for sure thought I was gonna die in there. 

Then a year and half later I got hit by a drunk driver... he was going 80 mph and hit my drivers door. I blacked out before it happened and I only have a tiny scar above my left eye where the class Cut it open... his truck was dented into mine and it didn’t even cut me. I only had to get adjusted a lot /heal bruised ribs and have my eye stitched up.

And there was another accident where I autocorrected flipped around on the freeway hit the median (this guy slammed into his brakes out of nowhere)and all of a sudden there was NO traffic .. I ended up on the other side finally and then tons of traffic started again. It was my papa. He has been the one with me through this all."

"And of course Rt 91. I have never left anything early but I was just read to leave. I left during the second song of Jason Aldean set. I told one of my best friends I’d see him later at Losers at mgm. Then i got outside the grounds and was walking across the first crosswalk by the walkway to get in and the first round goes off (like 3 shots)and the cop walking us said to me it sounded like when he was in Iraq.....Then we get to the stop before Crossing again to get to Mandalay (where I had parked) that’s when the first full round went off. The cop pushed me down on the ground and told us all to stay. I saw where it was coming from and I literately jumped up and ran all the way to my car. I was the only one who ran. So I was alone in that parking garage and it was still going on so it was very loud. I called Kim and just held up my phone. I had to lay in my car for hours before they let me leave. I was in shock and was on the phone the whole time with my friend Sydney keeping me sane. She was letting everyone else know I was okay too cause I couldn’t really talk.

Then I got a call that my best friend( the one I said bye to) had gotten shot and they didn’t know if he was okay  and I had to tell his family because no one else knew them. So I called his brother and told him. I don’t remember doing it. They searched the whole next day at the hospitals.. his brother text me that afternoon as soon as they found out he didn’t make it. That was the hardest thing I have ever had to go through."

- Anonymous


Have you had a moment where you trusted your gut instinct? Did you receive a sign that meant something to you? What experiences have you gone through that have made you feel grateful for another day? I would love to hear your story.



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