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She is..

Updated: May 15, 2020

She is a wild forest, with hidden treasures within, that only those who are daring enough to enter will find there is more to her than the surface. Entangling themselves into each branch. Is it safer to go back? Is it safer to press forward and see where it would lead? Already halfway invested into the intertwined, messy jungle, and finding other aspects of who she is.

Her eyes are like the ocean, so deep and pure, stare long enough and you'd get sucked in to a riptide that would drag you in deeper. Eyes crystal clear as an iceberg, but that is just the tip of her story. She blooms like a flower, but will never need anyone's water or light to grow. She will still exist on her own. She is both the moon and the sun. Shy and reserved as the moon, but still shines as bright as the stars surrounding her. She is fire like the sun, lighting up everything around her, allowing those to grow and seek a special purpose within themselves. She flows like the wind, entering spaces, opening and closing doors, becoming whole by engulfing the area she is in. She is a rubik's cube, a Sudoku puzzle, a chess game. She challenges a mind, allows others to make their moves but also creates risk. If this then that, if that then this. She is poetry, a combination of beautiful words coated with coal. Like a diamond she is truly beautiful on the inside and impossible to break. She is electricity that enters a soul and tingles each area of the body to wake someone up. She is that last sip that you crave but desperately wish to save for later. She is tempting and daring, and will make a heart pound. She is a rose, but also the thorns. Beautiful to look at, but has her protection to anyone that comes too close. She is a forest with many trees canopying to block, but also allowing light beams to come through. She allows the water to drip down between the branches. The oxygen to help someone breathe. She is a volcano, step the wrong way, and the fire inside her will erupt. She is each season, always changing and molding to her surroundings. She is sometimes misunderstood, a frustration, an annoyance, a bittersweet emotion. She is fire, ice, heat, and cold. They will walk through flames to feel her warmth. She is tempting like an apple, but full of grace. She is that chill down into your bones, that overwhelmed sensation, that spirit that awakes you.

She had found her roots deeper throughout the years and with those who have entered and exited her life. As others have truly found her, she had found herself. Each time finding a deeper message of who.

She is.. but who is she to you?

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