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Travel Apps To Save You Money

Airbnb: Airbnb is an app to help travelers find affordable homes, condos, apartments, etc in neighborhood-like areas as well as directly in the heart of the city. There are so many filters to use to find your perfect match. I love Airbnb because it saves you money, and it feels as though you are temporarily living in your travel destination rather than visiting. You get to chat with your host before booking to make sure it’s a great fit for you. There are filters that also allow you to choose if you would rather rent an entire place, part of it (like a casita), or share it completely (which is cool too if you’re a solo traveler and want company). Airbnb also offers discounted prices for adventures, cuisine, and all other packages to add to your trip!

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Turo: Turo is kind of like Airbnb but for renting a vehicle. You can rent anything from a normal sedan to a Tesla. Prices vary obviously. This app creates a dialogue between you and the owner of the car. This can save money and may save you time from long lines at the airport rental car kiosk. Either splurge on rent a Tesla for a day or save and rent something in your budget.

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Skyscanner: Skyskanner is great because you are able to search all flights, check flexible dates, and compare prices which saves you time and money.

Trail Wallet: This great app helps you track your expenses while on vacation. Keep receipts if you have to, otherwise you can easily add the amount in this app to help with budgeting and have a reference of the amount spent. If you are over budget, the app will tell you what is eating up your cash. It will also tell you if you are under budget (kudos to you!) If you are traveling in a different country, this app will convert to the local currency. I think this is a pretty easy app to organize expenses especially if you are on a business trip!

Hopper: The Hopper app is great because it tells you the price prediction when booking flights. It also helps you find deals on hotels (if you are not into the Airbnb stays). This app will also let you know if you should wait for a better price to book, and they will notify you when it is!

Hope this post helps when you are looking to book your next trip. As always, thanks for reading. Do you use any of these to help with your booking process? Would love to hear your thoughts + other apps you use to save time and money!


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