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There is Always Something to be Thankful For

I am sitting here, watching this incredible sunset, thinking about my life, and I smile because I have so much to be thankful for.

Life is a combination of ups and downs. At times we can be extremely stressed out, disappointed, upset, deal with hardship, but other times, life turns around and gives us happiness (and lemons). Life is not perfect, but with that said, I can honestly say I am so thankful and grateful for each and every obstacle that has come my way, and to legitimately say that, is beautiful in itself. We really need to stop and think for a minute and show gratitude.

In a world that is sometimes not fair, it is so important to remind yourself that there are tons of things to be thankful and grateful for. I challenge you to make a list of everything you're thankful for, and during those hard times, look back at your list and read it over to yourself.

When I think about what I am thankful for, I not only look at what I have, but I look at what I don't have, and I am grateful for that too.

1. I am so thankful for my family because I wouldn't be who I am today without them and their guidance.

2. I am thankful for a boyfriend who is my biggest fan, and really loves me for who I am.

3. I am thankful for my health - for being able to eat half my weight, and then workout right after.

4. I am thankful for Pilates for helping me mentally and physically get over obstacles.

5. I am thankful for love - for receiving and giving.

6. I am thankful for reading books that inspire me, and writing to express myself.

7. I am thankful for living in a house that is a home full of laughter and love.

8. I am thankful for being able to travel as much and as far as I can - I have truly learned so much, and lived through some amazing moments.

9. I am thankful for those who have hurt me - for that reason, I am stronger.

10. I am thankful for what life has taught me, and I am so thankful for where I am today, because my life is not perfect by any means, but it is perfect for me.

11. I am so grateful to be alive because sometimes we forget the most important part is that we are breathing and that alone is everything.

12. I am thankful for God, for He is a Creator who inspires me for my purpose here on Earth, but also the unknown story after.

This path I walk is my path, my journey, and my story.

What's on your gratitude list? Share in the comments below.

Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! xo

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