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Life Isn't Perfect, But Your Hair Can Be

If you have a good hair day, you’re typically having a good day. Am I right? Or am I right?

When I was really young, my hair was a natural dirty blonde, and as I got older, it naturally became darker (light/medium brown). I have had brown hair with highlights when I was in middle school, back to natural once it grew out, then I did ombre in high school. My hair thankfully grows fast, so once I got tired of ombre, and most of it was cut off, then I did a demi dye with dark brown until it faded back to natural light/medium brown. I am pretty indecisive at times, so for the past few years now, I went back to ombre, then I added the balayage on top of that so I can be both brunette and blonde! I love the idea of balayage because it seems more natural to me, and has that sun-kissed look by bringing the blonde a little higher to the roots. My hair color at the moment is my natural brown at the top, with ash blonde balayage (heavier on the blonde at the bottom, but not completely blonde ends). I love ash blonde because I feel that both my brown hair with the blonde compliments each other well without looking too drastic on me.

Balayage, ombre, sombre, color melt. Check all of those out to get the perfect combo YOU want! They are all very beautiful styles if you like that two color hair look.

For shampoo and conditioner products, I use Pantene and have used this for a while now, and I never have breakage and split ends! Also, people ask me all the time how I keep my blonde looking fresh. I use the purple shampoo called Shimmer Lights Conditioning Shampoo for Blonde and Silver by Clairol Professional. This purple shampoo is a protein-enriched color enhancing shampoo that tones down brassiness on blonde/gray hair while shampooing away yellow. You can find this shampoo at Sallys Beauty Supply for $14.99. I have always had naturally long hair. I just recently cut off the most I have since middle school, but I needed that little change. My hair is extremely thick, which is a blessing and a curse, so I get it thinned out every once and a while - more in the summer time if I do, so I am not sweating bullets outside in 110 degree weather haha. Thanks Vegas. BUT I will say, I would rather take dry heat, than 90 degree with humidity because my hair can frizz!

My godmother is a hair dresser, and while she lives in New York, and I am in Las Vegas, I get my hair touched up sometimes by her when I visit or when she comes. If you live in New York, you need to go see her! She’s amazing. As for my Las Vegas ladies (and gents), I have gone to see Vanessa Mitchell at Viva Salon. She is so sweet, and does great hair and color! The last two times I have gotten my hair cut and colored, was by Amy Carmody at The Hair Standard, who is also a sweetheart. Both Salons are right near Red Rock Resort and Casino with just about a 5 minute drive from there. Both hair stylists are amazing girls, and I recommend going to either of them!

Ok, so with balayage or ombre, when it comes to styling I think curled hair looks the absolute best (in my opinion) because the colors blend so beautifully. When I first did ombre back in high school, I mainly curled it, but there were times I left it natural (wavy beach hair) or I straightened it. I have curled my hair with a straightener before, and people have given me that confused look. When I curl my hair with a straighter, the top of it is tamed and straightened with curls at the bottom. I have also used a wand to curl my hair, and then I straighten a half inch on the ends. See pictures below. Can you tell a difference?

The two pictures below are curled with a straightener.

The two pictures below are curled with a wand.

My curls stay for the most part, and surprisingly I sometimes curl my hair the night before, sleep on it, and touch up (if needed) for the next day. I use Garnier Fructis hair spray if I am ever in a humid environment, just to keep my curls long lasting. I also use Bio Silk - Silk Therapy and put a drop on my hands and run it through my hair (mainly at the ends) to keep it replenished, to repair, to smooth and protect all hair types.

I am the type of person who, when I get my hair colored, I typically leave it that color for years until I am done with it. I do not like going back and forth with dark hair in winter, light hair in summer, unless I am doing small changes. For this reason, my hair is healthy and I do not have breakage. If you like to color your hair and change it frequently, that is totally fine, but make sure to get the right conditioning products to protect your hair. Any hair dresser would tell you the same, too! The reason I enjoy balayage-ombre is because it is not high maintenance. Whether you got it freshly colored, or it grew out for a few months, both styles will look beautiful. I get asked “how come my blonde doesn’t look as ashy or light like yours?” If you have natural dark roots or have colored it many times before, it may take more than one session to get it an ash blonde. Hair dressers will tell you, you have to do it in sessions so you do not damage your hair. To be honest, embrace that! How cool is it to go from dark brown/light brown balayage, then to brown/ash blonde balayage. Those are two different and cool looks, and you did not have to damage your hair to get there!

Thanks for reading! Email, message, or comment if you have any further questions on my hair tips! xo

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