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Rome Wasn't Built in One Day

Updated: Nov 11, 2017

Our next day was spent at the Colosseum. It is absolutely incredible this thing is still standing 2,000 years later. Of course there are parts of it that are not as they were before, but as a whole, this is amazing. We took the tour with Francesca, and she told us a bit about the history before we stepped inside. After we scanned our tickets, we walked inside and up stairs that were not the normal height that we are used to. These stairs give you a workout, and it’s like two steps in one! First thing I noticed was how big the Colosseum truly is, and it is remarkable. When she was telling stories of the gladiators, we felt like we were actually watching. These tour guides really paint a vivid picture, at least for me they did. Again, this tour is on Trip Advisor called Quo Vadis Roma Tour. We also went through the Roman Forum. This was cool because she had a book or what the Roman Forum looked like many years ago, and then we were standing right there at whatever remained. Rome is the type of city that has so much history, you almost get lost, and you feel like you actually aren't in 2017. This city takes you back and you start thinking about how life really was back then. I mean come on, 2,000 years old, and it is still there, and we are living it and walking through the very parts of the city that they did. Insane. Have I sold you yet on the fact that you must take both the Vatican Tour and Colosseum Tour? You won’t regret it.

After the tour finished, we were still able to explore the few other parts of the Roman Forum. Get lost. Go up a flight of stairs and look out and you will see everything from up there. Reminiscing about Rome makes me want to go back. Oh, also be sure to bring a water bottle. We went in October and yeah the weather isn't as hot as a typical summer day, but when the suns out and you're walking around, you’ll get a little dehydrated. In my case, I did not have a water bottle, but don't worry, there are fresh water fountains around. Not the typical one where you press down a button, and the water shoots out like a rainbow shape. No. This is this the one that pours down, so yeah, I stuck my face right into the water. Sometimes we gotta do what we gotta do.

All that walking burns off calories of course. So time to fuel up with pizza! We walked toward the restaurant area just across the street and basically looked at each menu until we decided which one we wanted to eat at. This restaurant was quick the pizza was delicious. We definitely needed some carbs to get us through walking back to our apartment, and we deserved it! I know I have been talking about tours, but really cant stress this enough on how authentic the food is. You can definitely tell the difference on the food quality here. Even the wine, and the espresso tastes different than in America. Not putting down my country, but there is a difference.

We got back to the apartment, and relaxed for a little bit. We had been traveling for a week now and it was nonstop between London and two walking tours in Rome. We needed to recharge to be good for the night. My boyfriend and I got ready, and we walked down the street and explored wherever we wanted. After a bit, I decided I really wanted to go back to Trevi Fountain and be in that area for food and shops. We took a taxi that cost a total of 10 euros to get down, which wasn't too bad. He dropped us off right around the Trevi Fountain and we were off. We decided to take a few more pictures there with the sun setting, and it was beautiful. After that we got some gelato. Please, get gelato if you are in Italy. It’s like the must thing to do along with everything else I’ve stated already. We walked up and down streets, visited the Pantheon which was a Roman temple and now is a church, and then decided where we wanted to eat. There are a bunch of cute restaurants in this area, but we ate a cute restaurant called Pizza In Trevi which is located on Via San Vincenzo 30/30A. Pasta and wine, you cant go wrong with that. We enjoyed a romantic night just the two of us, and enjoyed our last night in Rome until we head to Positano in the morning. After dinner, we decided to walk all the way back, which was a 20 min walk, so it wasn't bad and we were able to burn off the pasta haha.

There you have it, our two days in Italy, hope you enjoyed and visit Rome very soon!

Next stop: Positano.

Stay tuned xo

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