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Ready, Jet, Go

You guys... EUROPE! I still can't believe it, but after all that planning, I am so READY, JET, GO. I have never gone to Europe, farthest I have gone out of the country was a cruise to Mexico and I was 13.  Totally aware that this is going to be a huge culture shock, but I am so excited to share with you all my journey getting there.  Rewind back about 9 months to when I decided I was going to do this.  I am going with a group to London for a wedding, and then decided why not extend the trip and go to Italy with myself and 3 others for 9 days.  I don't think I needed to persuade them too much, they hopped on board and I got started to plan!

First and foremost, I would like to thank the future bride and groom for inviting us to share this amazing experience.. and also for putting some pep into my step to get on the plane and go.  We all live in Vegas, and we scored a round trip flight from LAX to LHR for under $800! Booked. We are all grouping up and driving to LA to catch the flight since it would be cheaper.  From there we fly Virgin Atlantic to LHR which is a 10 hour flight.  We land at 5am Vegas time, 1pm London time.. no worries.  Sleep is for the weak, or is it sleep for a week?  Plenty of plane and train rides for that! We check in to this beautiful hotel called Double Tree near the wedding venue. First night there is girls against guys. Just kidding, haven't you heard of a bachelor and bachelorette party? :) The following day is open for excursions and the rehearsal dinner after that.  Saturday is the DAY! Congrats to them. Sunday is another open day until Monday when we leave for Rome.

In Rome, we land at 6:30pm and we are staying in an airbnb steps away from the Colosseum.  For that day, I have planned a relaxing dinner, checking in, and walking around the city of Rome.  The next day I planned a Vatican Tour and the day after that we explore the Colosseum.  Lots of walking.. here is where the cardio kicks in!  Am I going to feel bad for eating all the pasta and drinking the amazing wines? No. After Rome, we visit the beautiful Positano and Almalfi Coast. We are taking the high speed train "Frecciarossa" that will get us to our destination in an hour. I cannot wait to be sitting outside drinking limoncello, overlooking that blue Tyrrhenian Sea. We are also staying in an airbnb here as well.  I have been chatting back and forth with the owner who is a life saver and has helped me book excursions, taxis, etc for my group and I.  Her family owns a restaurant minutes away from the airbnb called La Tagliata. During our stay on the coast, I planned a Capri boat tour that is an 8 hour long tour which picks you up on the Positano dock, then takes you to Capri.  If the weather is nice and the water is still, people can buy tickets to visit the Blue Grotto. Once we get to Capri, we are able to spend 3-4 hours on the island, until the boat needs us back to take us to Positano.  For the next couple of days there, we would like to try and visit Pompeii, and drive up the Almalfi coast to have lunch at a restaurant overlooking the water.  Our last day in Positano, my aunt and cousin are coming to visit us since they live about an hour away from the coast.  So excited for that!  Our last destination is Venice, and we take the train 4.5 hour train ride.  I am content with it being the second longest ride, because we will probably need some time to recoup and charge!  In Venice, we take a water taxi to our... guess what... airbnb.  Airbnb's are so fun because you rent out an apartment, flat, condo, house, etc and you feel like you somewhat live in that area for a short period of time. Ok Venice, what do we think of? GONDOLA RIDES!   Definitely a must do.  In Venice I plan to see where each street takes me.  This is all an adventure, and I cannot wait to share with you the amazing restaurants I eat at as well!  Last day in Venice we wake up early, and catch our 7:45am flight back to LHR.  From there, we wait a few hours.. (trust me, better to get there early, than rush and miss a flight back to the states!) Flight leaves at 3:40pm and we land in LAX at 6:50pm (time difference is already added.. weird, I know.)  My OCD-ness double checked that. Lol. Then we fly back to Vegas and land at 10:30pm.  Finally, we SLEEP!

Can't wait to share my time in Europe.  Thanks for reading! xoxo

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