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London, You Are Beautiful

Updated: Nov 11, 2017

I am back, and let me first start by saying, wow, what a trip of a lifetime. Our first day started off by waking up super early and starting our drive to Los Angeles. We figured it would be best to drive down to LA together, and then fly to London from there. First time overseas on a ten hour flight, but thank goodness we flew with Virgin Atlantic. Such a smooth flight, and they really took care of us. The meals were pretty good, and there were a bunch of movies and TV shows to choose from. They gave us a blanket, pillow, unlimited wine and beer (if you behave haha) and earphones if you didn't have any. Thank you, Virgin Atlantic, we will definitely fly with you again, soon! We finally landed in London, and I still could not believe that I went to sleep in Las Vegas, and woke up in a different time zone and different country.

London, you are beautiful.

We went through customs, got our luggage, took an arranged taxi to our hotel at Double Tree, and freshened up. Our room was adorable, and one of the first things my sweet boyfriend did was grab us a latte from the lobby, and we enjoyed that to keep us awake for the night. That night was the big gathering with everyone who came halfway across the world for the wedding. We met at our hotel’s SkyLounge, and just the view alone was amazing. My boyfriend and I wanted to get there a little bit earlier so we can watch the sunset, and take a few photos of the scenery. After a half hour, a few more guests arrived and we had a few drinks to get pumped up for the night. The girls went one way, the guys another. I will leave that up to your imagination. To sum it up, the guys missed us too much that they eventually had to crash our party. I have to say though, this group of people are some of the most amazing people I have ever met, and I am so happy a celebration as beautiful as this one, brought us all together. These are memories we will never forget! Thank you Nicolette and Remy, again.


Our next day was a planned tour as a gift from the future bride and groom. We can’t thank them enough for organizing that awesome day for everyone. We started on a boat tour that took us on the Thames River. We learned about the places and buildings we were passing, and took pictures and videos of that moment. The boat tour dropped us off, and we explored throughout the city on a double decker bus! So exciting. Just the architecture alone was incredible. I seriously felt like I went back into the 1800’s. Every building was unique and had so much history that we learned about during our time there. We went to visit Buckingham Palace, and that was beautiful. After a few hours roaming, we did the Jack the Ripper Tour. Our tour guide guided us on a walk to the not so pretty sites of what happened many, many years ago. The story sent chills down my back, but it was crazy being in the very same spots that these unfortunate women were years ago. If you want to know what happened, I suggest reading up on it, and definitely doing a tour. After our tour, we headed back to Double Tree and got ready for the rehearsal dinner. Our gorgeous rehearsal dinner was at Willy’s Wine Bar, and we thank them tremendously for the hospitality. This wine bar was walking distance from our hotel. We had white wine, red wine, and small hors d’oeuvres.

Wedding day! We woke up and got ready for the wedding that was at The Bloomsbury House. This was such a fairytale wedding, and the location could not have been any more perfect. Girls in one room, guys in the other, and then all of us guests took our seats to wait for the ceremony. Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Ruesenberg! We celebrated with champagne and wine until it was time for the wedding reception. The dinner set up was a long table, beautifully decorated, with the newly weds, then the bridal party, and then guests and parents of the bride and groom on the other end. We had an amazing 3 course meal, with lots of wine. Because wine is fine! After we ate, the bride danced with her father, the groom danced with his mother, and everyone else got up and danced the rest of the night. One of the most beautiful weddings I had ever been to.

Our last full day in London was spent site seeing. Myself, my boyfriend, and two others walked around the city, walked over a few bridges, ate fish and chips, and walked through parks. We saw St. Paul’s Cathedral, and when 5 o’clock hit, we saw a man propose to a lucky girl. So beautiful to witness that, especially being here with my love, being invited to a gorgeous wedding, and seeing the start of a new chapter with a new engaged couple. London was so very special, in so many different ways.

Thank you for reading! Remember, there are four seasons, and I definitely packed for each of them. Next stop, Rome! xo

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