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Your Fulfilled Life

When you think about life, what makes you feel like you will live a fulfilled life? How do you picture your “perfect” life?

Is it making as much money as possible?

Is it having your own business?

Is it traveling the world?

Is it being married and in love? 

Is it all of the above and more?

Duh. We only want the best for ourselves, and that is acceptable.

But are you fulfilled now? Do you feel as though your life is where you want it? Sure, we are constantly striving for better every day, but here is the thing.. Your life should be as fulfilled as possible right now, because we only have today. Right here, right now, to make the best of our lives. We can’t change yesterday, and we can’t control everything about tomorrow. We can make goals and a plan, but do not get discouraged if life doesn’t go the exact way you wanted it to. 

If you are living life and thinking to yourself “I’ll be happy when I retire” my dear friend, I am sorry to tell you, that you are wasting your life. In order to live a fulfilled life, you have to tell yourself you will make it as wonderful as you can each and every day. Do not think or say or believe that you will be happy “later.” Be happy now

We go to work, we pay bills, we need money to survive. We do. but, we also need time to celebrate, enjoy life, go on vacation, explore, etc. 

In Pilates we must balance, and when we workout our whole body, our coordination should be balanced and focused evenly. Same goes for life. Balance hard work and “play time.”

Because if you are the type that will only be happy when you are retired, you’re doing it wrong. We don’t have to be millionaires to live a fulfilled life. We don’t need fancy things to live a fulfilled life. We do not need a lot of what we “think” we need to live a fulfilled life. 

Close your eyes, how can you start living and enjoying? Make time for yourself. You’ve got one life to live.

If you sit there and put yourself down because you think someone’s life is better than yours, you’re mistaken.

People either..

1. Only share the good parts and create an illusion of a perfect life.


2. Filter out negativity and tell themselves they are going to be happy, they are going to live their best life, they are making the best of what they have no matter what.

Only you can control your life and your happiness. No ones life is perfect, and what goes down, always comes back up. Not every single day is going to be amazing, but it could be the best you can make it based on your attitude toward life. 

That is how you live a fulfilled life. Tell yourself you will be happy. Program your mind, and watch the positives gravitate toward you.

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