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Wooden Watches | The Perfect Valentine's Day Gift

Well, Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and this "wood" be a perfect Valentine's Day gift for your partner. The good news is, I have partnered up with Jord Watches, which is a beautiful watch company that creates hand crafted wooden watches. These can be worn dressed up or dressed down, and they are each so authentic and unique. Anyone who opens this box will truly feel special and loved. The watch in the photo is the Fieldcrest Series. I really like this one because it is a light wood color with the silver accent. In addition to the watch pictured, Jord has many options for men and women.

I also love the box the wooden watches come in, and there is a compartment at the bottom that pulls out like a tray. If you are trying to surprise your lover with a ring, this could be the perfect spot to leave it. Make your Valentine's Day special, and click here to have a chance to win $100 off your own watch! Every entrant will also receive 10% off their order. Which is a win, win. Just enter your information and choose a watch you love. Time is ticking! Hope you all enjoy your Valentine's Day!

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