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The End Game

"We are all going to end up where we need to be, so why stress the process?"

Here I am, staring at my calendar of tasks, places I need to be, and a future I am trying to plan. My excel workbook has been my friend the past several years by organizing my life and keeping me on track, but sometimes I need that extra push.

There are times I had sat and pondered a certain decision for a good chunk of time. Am I making the right choice? Am I doing the right thing for my future? One thing I know certain is that there isn't a rule book that will tell me what to do. There are pros and cons we can make through our experience, and advice we can listen to, but end of the day no one knows that if you make a left turn instead of the right that you'll end up with this and that. I am not talking about choosing between apples or oranges, but instead decisions that determine my future.

Life is meant to enjoy each day, each obstacle, each up and down and to trust the process and journey. When it comes to a bigger decision to make, I have completely opened up to God and asked for clarity. The only person that really knows what to do is ourselves, with guidance from God if we ask.

Well I did. I asked. I prayed to God for clarity on what to do in my current situation, and what decision to make, and felt that clarity through a gut instinct.

If we have free will, then why does God know everything?

God knows what we have already chosen for our life (chills). We have already made up our mind, we have already chosen our future by the choices we had made, and continue to make in our lives, but He just knows before we do.

God knowing what we are going to do does not mean we can't do something else. God simply knows what we have chosen to do ahead of time. He doesn't force us into doing one thing over the other because it is our freewill to choose what we want. Our freedom has just been realized ahead of time by God, and He knows before it even enters the universe. How crazy is that? You may ponder whether to go left or right, but that decision that you made was already known to God before you even made that left or right turn.

So if everything happens for a reason, then you essentially are the reason things were made. God didn't put you in this situation, you did. Everything you had done in your life has led you to where you are right here, right now. God just knew the end game before you did.

Yes, God has a plan for us. A plan that will lead us toward the light, and live a life full of abundance, happiness, and everlasting love, but I don't believe He forces us into following that path. We have free will to do whatever it is we want to do for our lives here on earth and after life. God's plan is a gift, if you will. It is up to us to use this gift wisely or not. God will always be there to help us find our own way, and see all of the good things He has in store for us.

There are times I look back and completely surrender when I am absolutely not sure of what decision to make. I basically put this stress and heaviness into God's hands. I pray consistently asking for a sign, or asking Him to guide my heart down the right path. I still have free will. He is not going to come down, and take my hand to walk me. No, but He is going to instill this gut instinct inside of me if I have asked him to, and that's the gift. God speaks to all of us through objects, through people, through prayer and in our heart. Again, it is up to us to use this gift wisely to make those tough decisions. He wants the best for us, but do we?

So if God already knows what we will choose in life, then this life wasn't created for God, it was created for us. Why would He watch a movie when He already knows the ending?

There is good and bad in each of us. God had to prove to us what He already knew about ourselves, and we are proving to God through our testing ground on earth. To follow good or to follow evil. We do this from our own free will. He already knows if we are going to accept Him or reject Him. "Live your life without my interference." If we pray, He answers our prayer, and keeps us on His path if that is what we have chosen through free will. He already knew who we were, but we didn't know who we were, and now we watch our own story unfold.

Through everything in life that I had gone through, I realize it was all for a reason. To be here, writing this, to hopefully be a sign that someone needs. Every mistake, every amazing milestone, every up and every down has brought me here, and I - with my free will - choose to follow a path that leads to God.

As always, thanks for reading. Have you had a sign or felt clarity after praying or speaking to someone who genuinely cares? Would love to hear your thoughts! xo

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