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Shop Till You Drop

Well, don't drop too hard.  Save that money for the experiences, too!  Oi vey.  Where do we start? Of course we all want to look great on vacation, at work, going out to dinner, etc. So what do we bring? EVERYTHING. I'm just kidding, ladies, you don't know have to bring your entire closet to look great on vacation.  When thinking of what to bring, I look first at 1. Where am I going? 2. How long am I staying? 3. What is the weather going to be like?  From there, I come up with outfits in my head for special occasions.  These are the outfits that we must have!  Everything else are just comfy day outfits in between.  For those comfy day outfits, I like to mix and match and stick with a sense of color palette.  That is something us girls sometimes forget.  We always think we need the newest bag, the newest pair of shoes, more clothes on top of clothes because worn once means can't wear it again.  WRONG.  I tend to clean out my closet every once and a while.  Luckily for my two younger sisters, they get new clothes, as for myself.. not quite. I recently shopped to get a few things I needed for this big Europe trip I'm going on in about 2 weeks, for 2 weeks! Exciting, but definitely needed to grab the perfect essentials all while looking at what I already have.  First thing I look at is my closet.  What do I have vs what do I need.  Seems easy enough, right?  Sure, but trying to pack 2 weeks into 50 pounds or less is the real challenge.  

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