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Pilates is my Happy Hour

I have been going to Core Pilates for a month now, and today I took a private lesson with Stacy! She is so sweet and so encouraging which motivates me to push harder and not give up.  First, I warmed up and did some ab and leg work, while also testing the strength in my arms.  It is definitely better to be safe than sorry.  I did suspended pull ups and suspended pikes and knee tucks on the cadillac, and that helped me with the strength in my arms and core.  I am working toward my candlestick and cat walkover, so I started getting familiar with the splits on the cadillac first.  Once I got my splits down, then I started to do a few pull ups which looks easier than it actually is, but that is what I love about Core, it challenges me and gets me excited to try new things the next class.  Stacy showed me how to prep myself to do the splits upside down (which essentially is part of the cat walkover). Start with both legs on the ground and arms up on the bars.  Next, lift the right leg on to the middle bar, then followed by the left leg.  After that, lift the right leg then the left on to the top bar.  Once I got that part down, I had to arch my back and tilt my head back with both arms straight.  After I get to that point, and my arms are sturdy enough to hold myself up, then I touch my left leg to the opposite top bar (which is the split upside down).  It was my first time, but I am excited to practice more until I have accomplished the cat walkover and then candlestick! 

I have had a lot of girls ask me about pilates and how many times I go, what I do, and my results.  I am leaving for Europe on Wednesday, but once I return in two weeks, I will be going again 3-5 times a week, and then getting some cardio in twice a week as well. Core Pilates Studio was a great investment because I not only look better than I did yesterday, but I feel better too. I used to be hesitant about signing up for classes before because I was not sure if I would have enough time to go to them or the energy.  Core Pilates Studio got me excited, and I love each and every class, and leave feeling so much more energized and stronger every time! It definitely feels good when your body is happy and healthy.  Thank you so much Core Pilates Studio! xoxo

9775 W. SUNSET RD #101



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