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Live a Balanced Life

I am a believer of "everything in moderation." I am not a strict diet type person because I don't want to limit myself and program my mind to think, "sweets are bad," or "I shouldn't have a glass of wine with my meal." Come on, how awful does that sound?

Social media is another example. Whether you are using this as a business or for fun, it shouldn't take over your life. I understand that some people use this platform as a full time or part time job to make some extra cash, but I do believe this should be in moderation as well. Too much face time with our phones is too much. I want to live a life that is for me, while inspiring and helping without being glued to my phone and living for others. My days are busy whether my followers see that or not, and that's primarily because I am not actively showing my day to day life. Half the time I don't even have time to capture it.

The other day I literally had just enough time to run to my car, drive 8 minutes up the road, and walk inside somewhere that was closing in 5 minutes. Sometimes my life is timed out with that exact amount of minutes to get from point A to point B. I do feel a little bad sometimes because my page may lack, or I am not engaging enough, or I am not interesting enough to follow.

Womp, womp.

Every morning I wake up with a cup of coffee, checking emails, and stare at my calendar. My whole life I have enjoyed being busy. I actually prefer it. Am I weird? I enjoy being busy at work, being busy in life, basically having a purpose and needing to be somewhere or do something. I get anxious when there is nothing I can do at the moment, and end up thinking, "maybe I should write a blog post," ......hi.

Of course I am grateful for these amazing opportunities that are thrown my way, but as I am writing this, I am trying to cure this random sore throat in August with 100 degree weather. Health will always come first. Mental health, physical health, and a healthy relationship with yourself.

Our life is a pie chart, if you will. If we spilled everything we spent our time on into a pie chart, would you have had a decent balanced life? It's hard isn't it? Most of us work 40 hour long weeks at work where we clock in and clock out. That's a second home. Then the commute to and from. I mean, that shit adds up. Why do we do it? We need money. Why? To pay bills. Why? So we can have clothing, food, and shelter.

So then if you think about it. Are we just working to survive? We work our asses off for a paycheck so that we can eat, have shelter and have clothing. The basic necessities. What else are we doing with our money? With our lives?


Yeah, easier said than done. Listen, you don't need half of what you think you need to live a fulfilled life. You don't need to buy expensive things to be liked by people you don't even picture yourself hanging out with. Prioritize, but then use some to travel. I absolutely urge you as if you need it in your life to travel. Everyone thinks that traveling = spending thousands of dollars. Who said you need to spend thousands?

Start by traveling in your own city. You know, I've lived in Vegas my whole life and I can still find things I have not seen or done yet? Start there. Then start expanding on the outskirts of the city. Do a mini 1 hour, 2 hour, then 3 hour day trip. Then take a weekend road trip. Then get on that airplane and go across country, and then of course travel the world. God did not build this huge planet for us to circle around the same radius of space our entire lives.

Live a life of purpose. Do something that you really want to do, because in case you haven't noticed, tomorrow is not guaranteed. Actually nothing is. Do something that helps others. Do something that makes you live a little.

In conclusion...

1. Too much of anything is too much.

2. Remember, everything in moderation.

3. Live a balanced life.

4. Travel near and far, but nonetheless, travel.

5. Live a life full of purpose.

As always, thank you for reading! xo

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