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Are you planning a week trip and don't want to waste time or money checking in an extra bag? Most of the time we end up packing way more than we even need, which is why I made a cheat sheet down below!

I am hitting 3 cities in 8 days, and I am challenging myself to bring only a carry on plus purse/backpack. Can I do it? If I plan accordingly, yes!

Here are some tips:

  1. Check the weather before. It is easier to travel light in the spring and summer time because you don't need to waste space by packing cardigans, jackets, or coats. If you are traveling during fall or winter, wear your heaviest and bulkier items on the plane and/or bring in your backpack/purse.

  2. Sure, we always want to pack all of our new clothes we just bought for the trip. Bring a couple of nice outfits for when you go out at night, but during the day dress casual. Try to make a color coordinated suitcase, that way you can mix and match your pieces and create a whole new look for the evening. I like to lay out all the clothes I am thinking about bringing, and then decide which could be altered and worn again. You don't need a new pair of jeans every night.

  3. If you are staying at an airbnb or hotel, check to see what items they already have. Items could be a hairdryer, shampoo, conditioner, etc. Don’t waste space by taking items that are already included during your stay. Also, check if they have a washer and dryer in case any of your items get dirty and need a quick wash.

  4. Pack your “go-to” items in your backpack or purse. Items such as book/magazine, headphones, charger, snacks, makeup, gum, toothbrush, etc. This makes it easier for when you get off the plane and need to run to the restroom to freshen up instead of having to dig through your luggage.

  5. Do not over do it with bringing too many pairs of shoes! Pair of heels that are neutral and go with any of your outfits, pair of flip flops/sandals, and wear a pair of comfy sneakers on the plane.

  6. When packing, be sure to leave out the bulkier clothing items, and wear those on the plane instead.

  7. ROLL YOUR CLOTHES. Trust me, this saves space, and prevents creases from forming.

  8. If you need some inspiration on outfits to bring, check pinterest outfit boards. Neutral colors, in my opinion, work best when mixing and matching, but everyone is different with their unique style!

  9. Last but not least, the more space you save in your luggage, the more space you have for items to bring back after shopping during your travel. ;)

Hope this helped! What are some tricks you have when packing light for a trip? Comment below :)


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