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Get Lost in Positano

Updated: Nov 11, 2017

I could imagine Heaven looking something like this. We always see pictures on social media of beautiful destinations around the world, and I always knew Positano was one of those magical places. I would research pictures, and imagine myself being in that very spot in 7 months, 6 months, 5 months, until it was the night before. I knew I was heading to this special place that would leave me speechless. This place is unreal.

We woke up in the morning, and took a taxi that our airbnb host called for us. The taxi took us to the train station, and we took the Frecciarossa which is Italy’s high speed train. This was such a pretty view of the country, and we were in Naples in an hour. Our airbnb host in Positano arranged for us a taxi to her villa that I had scheduled weeks in advance. From Naples to Positano was about an hour and a half with traffic. Our host Antoinette had the taxi meet us at “The Square” which is where two restaurants, a market, and bus stop are located. Once we arrived, she welcomed us with open arms, and gave me a big hug. Her and her husband were very sweet and helped us with our luggage. We got there a little earlier than check in, so she suggested we could walk around or eat if we were hungry at her family restaurant called La Tagliata. I knew about this restaurant months before because my family had been there, and said it was hands down one of the best restaurants in Positano. I was extremely excited how I scored an airbnb with the family who owns that restaurant. Doesn't get better than that! The taxi offered to drive us up the street, and we walked straight down a few steps to the restaurant. The restaurant was in a perfect location overlooking the sea. The waiter explained that they serve family style, and bring our antipasti, first course, second course, wine, shots, etc. We. Were. In. I love family owned Italian restaurants, and this restaurant was absolutely delicious. I was excited that we could come back a million times if we wanted to. Antoinette’s husband picked us up when the villa was ready, and we drove back down the street. We had to walk a little bit, down some steps, up another set of steps until we reached the beautiful villa. This villa had two bedrooms, kitchen, balcony, garden area, and outdoor patio that we were told breakfast was served every morning. She gave us the keys and we relaxed. The first night we decided to relax, only cause we have been on the go nonstop, and Positano (Montepertuso to be exact where the villa was) is a very relaxing and laid back location. We walked up to the market to get…. BUG SPRAY. You will need it if you are ever in Positano. Just saying. When we were walking around, we saw an older lady who reminded me so much of my Nonna (grandma) near “The Square.” She looked at us and could feel like we were lost, so she started speaking in Italian. I speak “broken Italian” haha I could understand the language 100% but when it comes to speaking, I can speak but really have to think about what I’m trying to say sometimes. I told her “io capisco l'italiano ma non posso parlare bene.” Which means “I understand Italian, but I can’t speak very well.” I’m working on it. Anyways, she was so adorable and was talking to me, and I was translating it to everyone. She told us her nephew works at the restaurant in the square called Il Ritrovo located at Via Monsignor Vito Talamo. So, that night my boyfriend and I decided to have a glass of wine and a cheese and charcuterie board since we were still pretty full from our big lunch. We walked back, and got our rest for our next big day…. Capri Island. If we thought Positano was beautiful, just wait..

Remember when I said they serve breakfast every morning? You are probably thinking some scrambled eggs and bacon. Yeah, no. They serve eggs, toast, fruit, pizza.. yes pizza, eggplant parmesan, cake, juice and water, and then we each got cappuccino or americano. I could definitely get used to this. We ate, and walked down to the square where the bus stop is. We had to buy tickets that cost 3.40 euro for two to get down. We met at Positano Beach where all the boat tours are at, and we took l’uomo e il Mare

that Antoinette set up for us which was very nice. The boat picked us up at the dock, and it was big enough for about 15-20 people. The boat took us toward the island which takes about an hour, but we weren't complaining. We enjoyed every second of it, and quite frankly, I wasn't ready for this amazing day to end. The weather was perfect, and I remember closing my eyes and then opening thinking, “am I really here?” This was not a dream even though it very well felt like it. We had Moretti beer on the boat and enjoyed the ride. We got very close to the island a few times, and were actually so close that we could touch the rock. The boat took us through the two well known rocks of Capri shown below. We then arrived to the three rocks called Faraglioni. Each rock has a different name, Stella, Faraglione di Mezzo, and Faraglione di Fuori. They say that once you go through the rock with the arch, it is called the kissing arch, and if you kiss through it then you have years of good luck. Well what did we do? I’ll let you be the judge. After going through, the boat tour let us jump into the Tyrrhenian Sea. At first I was not going to, but then I thought, when is the next time I will be able to say I jumped in the sea next to Capri? I did it. We all did. Jumping in was cold at first, but the adrenaline and excitement we all had overcame that. We didn't just jump in once, we did it a couple of times. So fun, and if you ever think of doing a boat tour, do it with this company. They are the best hosts and have fun with their guests. Ahh, salty hair, gotta love it. When we got back on the boat, the tour guides had a hose and basically gave us a quick 5 second shower just to freshen up as much as we could. We saw the other side of Capri and half of the boat wanted to go explore the island, and then some of us wanted to go through the Blue Grotto. The Blue Grotto is a separate mini tour that you pay 14 euro each to get in and you take a smaller boat. The reason for this is because the caves are small, and you have to duck your head to get in. Crazy, but cool. The sea lit up bright blue in that dark cave. It was definitely neat to experience that. Our boat tour waited for us, and we hopped back on until they dropped us off on the island to explore for 3 hours. We ate at a restaurant outdoor and did some souvenir shopping. Three hours goes by fast when you're out exploring the island. It was time to get back on the boat, and it was so pretty watching the sunset as we headed back to Positano. Said goodbye to Capri, but not goodbye forever. Our boat tour gave us champagne to toast to an amazing day, and then they gave the girls a pretty necklace. We got back to the dock, and walked down to put our feet in the sea one last time. I stood there soaking in the last of the sunlight and soaking in the day we just had. Thank you l’uomo e il Mare.

We took the bus back up, and got ready for dinner at a restaurant in the square called Scirocco located on Via Monsignor Vito Talamo. This was another delicious meal. I had ordered pasta fagioli… with a glass of wine.

The next morning was another huge breakfast, which we can’t thank Antoinette and her husband enough for the home cooked meals. After eating, Brandan decided he wanted to help on their farm, so that is what we did. We helped the family pick olives off their olive tree! It was actually pretty fun and a calming task if that makes sense. Who else can say they helped pick olives for homemade olive oil on their vacation? We didn’t pick just one tree, but we did two. The family was so impressed, and really thought it was sweet that their guests wanted to help. They gave us wine as a gift.. thanks! Can’t go wrong with that. Cheers!

The rest of the day was spent literally relaxing outdoors, drinking wine, and enjoying the sun and cool breeze. We made reservations at their family restaurant, and had - no joke - a 4.5 hour dinner. We aren't used to that. Normally we are used to eat quick, have a few drinks, and go to the next place, but here you really appreciate the time, the food, and the scenery. We enjoyed every course of that meal and our 4 bottles of wine. Hey, a bottle of wine between 4 per hour? Not bad. We met a nice couple sitting next to us who had never, and I mean never had limoncello before. Guess what comes out? LIMONCELLO for everyone! We loved the hospitality this family showed us, if there is any place I’ll recommend over and over it is this one.

Next morning we had breakfast and were gifted with a bottle of limoncello. Then instead of taking the bus down to Positano Beach, we wanted to walk all the way down. If you thought going upstairs was rough, going down is just as hard. My calves were on fire, but at least I got a work out! This is a 30 minute walk down, but it was worth every step. Later that day, my aunt and cousin came to visit and we drove up to Almalfi Coast to have lunch. This was so nice to be with family after traveling for so long, and having a perfect lunch on the water in Almalfi. After we ate, we walked up to a Church around the corner. In Italy, there are Church’s everywhere, and each so beautiful with architecture thats remarkable. Our time with my aunt and cousin was a few hours, but we spent those hours laughing and talking about how nice it was that we were together. We drove back to Positano, and my boyfriend and I walked down again to the Positano Beach. We were a bit closer than we were earlier, but we were in love with this walk, and the views of Positano. We ate dinner, and took the bus back to our villa. We had to be awake at 6am, just in time for breakfast and our taxi back to Naples. Next part of our trip is Venice! Stay tuned xo

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