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Four Seasons, Infinite Reasons For Weddings

It is always a time for wedding season, but a question all of us guests ask is, “what the heck do I wear?”

First and foremost, never wear white to a wedding, engagement party, shower, rehearsal dinner, unless stated that the pre-wedding festivity is an all white dress code. Also, you never want to wear anything that distracts people from the bride. Always think to be more conservative than flashy. If a wedding is in a Church, take that into consideration and be respectful. It is always a good idea to cover your shoulders with a light jacket, a shall, or just wear a long sleeve dress, and try to avoid showing too much leg, and too much cleavage. When receiving a wedding invitation, use that as a hint to refrain from that color scheme as the bridesmaids may wear that color.

Winter Weddings:

When I think of winter weddings, I think of dark colors and long gowns personally. The good thing about a winter wedding is that if you buy a beautiful burgundy, deep plum, forest green, or royal blue dress, then you can always re-wear it to a holiday party, too! Textures like velvet can make your dress look very elegant. I have linked some dresses from Lulu's which is a cute online store to find pretty much anything you need! The dresses that are open back, or sleeveless can be worn with a shall or jacket.

Shop Lulu's for this Royal Blue Dress that also comes in different colors.

Burgundy Velvet dress that also comes in blue and black!

Blue Long Sleeved Dress perfect for a wedding in a Church.

As for men, a black suit, white button down, and thin tie with black belt and black dress shoes. Charcoal gray suit, white button down, brown belt, brown dress shoes, and colored thin tie. Navy suit, white button down, colored thin tie or bow tie, brown belt, and brown dress shoes.

Fall Weddings:

For fall weddings, the weather can be so unpredictable. It could be warm or cool, that is why the best bet is to wear layers. A dress with a shall, or dress with a light sweater. Lace material is always a pretty choice for a dress, whether it is an all laced dress, or with accents of lace, both will be just fine. Colors like navy, mauve, light purple, dark purple, or bronze are appropriate for fall weddings.

Navy Blue Lace Maxi Dress Comes in Burgundy as well.

Light Purple Maxi Dress comes in many different colors!

For men, everything stated above, but for fall I think more gray colors for suits. Also think about a dress shirt, with a gray vest, and dress pants and shoes.

Summer Weddings:

Summer time is hot, but that doesn't mean to not cover up and look elegant. First is to realize if it is an indoor or outdoor wedding. The fabrics and textures best for a summer wedding are silk, chiffon, cotton, or linen. Something light and bright. The colors can be fun like magenta, pale yellow, tangerine, or a pretty floral dress. It is appropriate to wear long or short dresses, but keep in mind to be respectful if the wedding is in a religious area.

For men, it may be wise to pay attention to the weather. If the wedding is more of a casual outdoor wedding, maybe opt out of a suit and wear a nice dress shirt and slacks. Also, be creative and playful with colors.

Spring Weddings:

This is another tricky one. If you have ever heard of the phrase “April showers bring May flowers,” you’ll know that the weather can be unpredictable. We think fresh flowers, and sunshine, but spring time can also be windy and rainy. Plan ahead. The weather can also be damp if it rained hours before, which means if this is an outdoor wedding on the grass, you want to make sure your heels do not sink into that and become muddy. To be safe, if outdoors, wear a shorter dress right at knee length with pale colors. Anything from pale pink, blue, yellow, lavender, or orange. If the wedding is indoors, go for that maxi dress if you wish!

For men, I would experiment with pale colors as well for the dress shirt or for the tie. Also, light colored suits like a light gray suit, cream suit, light brown, even a light blue suit. If you are doing a colored suit, stick with a white dress shirt. If you are thinking of a colored dress shirt, think of a neutral suit. If you want a colored tie, stick with a white dress shirt, and play with the idea of a colored suit or neutral suit.

There are a lot of great online stores that sell maxi dresses or shorter dresses.

Some great stores that sell suits are listed down below.

Below is a photo from Brandan and I at a wedding in London. My dress is from Morgan & Co, you can find Morgan & Co dresses at

Thanks for reading! Remember these are just tips for wedding attire for each season.

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