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Do You Even Pilates?

I was a cheerleader in middle school and high school, and was in gymnastics younger than that.  I used to workout regularly, but I stopped cheerleading at the end of Sophomore year of high school to focus primarily on my academics to graduate with an honors diploma.  I started to lose my flexibility, strength and I felt extremely exhausted. As happy as I was to graduate, my body wasn't so happy that I stopped working out regularly.  Of course I would try to work out here and there, but I struggled getting back into that habit. Right after high school, I applied to UNLV and graduated in 5 years.  That was my main goal.  Studies and working.. unfortunately not "working out."

BUT.. I put an end to that, and decided to get my butt back in the gym REGULARLY. I signed up for a gym membership close to home, and I also signed up for Pilates.  What a great decision I made. Core Pilates Studio uses the reformer which I love! Instead of lifting weights at a gym, Pilates teaches you to use your own body weight which creates longevity in your muscles. Pilates helps you tone and have a strong core, but it is not aerobic.  I tend to run on the treadmill or use the stair master a couple times a week for my cardio.  I have been going about 3-5 times a week for a month now. I have gained my energy back, and I am seeing results in my strength and flexibility.  All of the instructors at Core Pilates Studio are amazing, and truly work us out!  They make sure we are using the correct technique so we do not hurt ourselves that can later be worse long term. The Core Pilates Studio location I go to is on Sunset and Grand Canyon, but they also have one in Henderson on Horizon Ridge Parkway and Carnegie. I definitely suggest checking them out, you won't regret it.  Remember, your body is an investment, and a healthy body is a happy body.

"You are only as young as your spine is flexible." - Joseph Pilates

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