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City of Love

Updated: Nov 11, 2017

Oh, Venice. We loved you. The romance, the art, the food was absolutely perfect. My boyfriend and I took a 4.5 hour train ride from the train station in Naples. That 4.5 hours flew by! (With a few naps here and there of course.) We got to the Venice train station, and decided to walk to our last airbnb. This was only a 20 min walk, and really easy to navigate to. We arrived at our airbnb, got the keys, and decided to walk around, and find a cute restaurant to eat at. We found a place called Osteria l’Olandese Volante. I ordered linguini with clams, and we drank a bottle of Guissepe and Luigi. The perfect bottle to drink to end our first night in Venice. We took it easy this day only because tomorrow would be our last full day of our 2 week trip, so we wanted to really enjoy a full day in Venice.

Our next morning, we woke up and got a quick bite and espresso down the street from our airbnb. We window shopped, and everything I looked at was so adorable and had such uniqueness to it. Everything from masks, glass jewelry, art on every corner, etc. We walked canal through canal and made it to Saint Mark’s Basilica to Saint Mark’s Square, and the architecture was unbelievable - but that is Italy for ya! Beauty on every corner. I still look back thinking how in the heck did I manage to be away for two weeks and take this all in? Definitely a trip of a lifetime. We had lunch, and I ordered seafood pasta again. The seafood here is so delicious! Of course when you think of Venice, you think of Gondola rides, and that is what we did. Very romantic. We headed back to our airbnb to get ready for dinner, and I finally was able to wear my red dress I saved all trip for. When I think of Venice, I think of the color red. Yes, I plan every little detail out haha. We walked up a larger bridge on to the other side of Venice to see the hotel with the giant hands that support the building. We had fun taking pictures there!

For dinner we ate at Antico Gatoleto. This night was special because we had our “last meal” really, and we looked back at our whole trip. We enjoyed wine, and can you guess what I got to eat? Seafood soup.. yum! Definitely recommend this place. Cute, cozy, and delicious! The servers were so generous that they gave us a round of limoncello shots on the house. It’s as if they know how much we love limoncello. Cheers, and good night! We had to be up at 3am for our water taxi.

Oh wait. Our 4am scheduled water taxi never arrived, (which was honestly the ONLY downfall of our trip), and I had a slight panic attack. The city is extremely quiet at 4am. So quiet that it is very eerie. I needed to think of a plan B and fast. Luckily my airbnb host was awake, and he told us we could walk over to the water bus shuttle that is scheduled at 5:30am. I mean, we had no choice but to walk in the dark with our luggage, up bridges and down, and through tiny walkways. Picture that. Haha, we got there in 10 minutes, and our shuttle arrived with other passengers on board. This was way cheaper than the scheduled taxi that never showed up, so hey, that’s a plus! I was extremely exhausted I basically took a mini nap sitting up. Thirty minutes went by and we were at Marco Polo Airport, checked in, and got on our first of many flights back to the states! Arrived in London at 9:30am, and had our 6 hour layover, but it went fast with going through customs, baggage claim, taking a shuttle to a different terminal, checking in baggage, and eating lunch… with beer this time, and a burger! Would ya look at that. If you are wondering if I slept on that 10 hour Virgin Atlantic plane ride, I did, and it was fabulous. Just my boyfriend and I with a seat in the middle so we were able to stretch out our legs and get comfy. Do what ya gotta do! Hello LA, and hello United States. One last flight and we are back home in Las Vegas.

I just got the chills writing that part. Las Vegas is home, and there was never a time I was not thinking of this beautiful city and my family and friends. With everything that had happened (which I had not yet wrote about because it is a very sad topic), I am proud to be part of a city that is Vegas Strong. We will never forget. Much love for my city.

Thank you all for reading along and watching my videos that are on my youtube channel. I will try to post them on my blog as well.

Until our next adventure… ciao xo :)

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